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 Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials

1>. "I have been working and developing lures with YJ Fishing Lure Co. for over a year. They have been very professional and helpful throughout that time. First and foremost, YJ Fishing Lure has a staff that is dedicated to quality work and customer satisfaction. In addition, their communication level between the customer and management is second to no other business I have worked with in the past. Had I not teamed up with YJ Fishing Lure I know my company would not be in the position it is in today. Thanks YJ Fishing Lure Staff!"  ---Michael

2>. "YJ helped put my company on the map as a formidable bait company in the USA. The YJ team is an important team member to us and plays a big role in helping our company achieve it's goals. YJ has always treated our company and needs with high priority and extreme excellence. YJ is a very reliable company and it shows professionalism unlike any other overseas partner we have ever had or have. We are very greatfull and proud to have YJ as a partner in our manufacturing needs. We will remain loyal to YJ as long as we are in the fishing lure industry, they are honest, hard working individuals with a genuine interest to help achieve your goals. I fully endorse and recommend YJ as a viable source for manufacturing overseas. Thank you YJ for being there for us! We really appreciate your efforts and time devoted to our cause! "  ---Robert

3>. "Our company has worked with several lure-making companies.We find  Edward, Andrew, and their team to be among the best.  Our company specializes in producing cutting-edge fishing lures and YJ Fishing Lures has consistently delivered outstanding results.   They are always very accommodating and they meet every deadline without sacrificing quality.  They have designed lures that perfectly capture the spirit of our company and we are looking forward to growing our product line with YJ Fishing Lures’ team of professionals. " --- Earl

4>. We are totally satisfied with YJ Fishing Lure LLC and they have quickly become our #1, preferred supplier in China.  Superb customer service, quality products and competitive pricing - they have it all.

They respected our confidentiality with regards to our new products and are very professional, trustworthy, concerned and caring.  Excellent communication skills, timely responses and going that "extra mile" are common traits for the team at YJ.

We look forward to growing our business here in North America and as a strategic supplier to Thundermist Lure Company, YJ will be an integral part of our short term and long term growth.  --- Ivo
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