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Freight estimation

Our capabilities in supporting our customers’ Freight include:
--- In-house logistics department can manage shipment of our customers product to their final destination ;
--- Product customization and drop shipment ;
--- Spare parts inventory and shipment ;
--- Express, Air shipping and Sea shipping,

Very rough Freight cost estimate:
--- by Express;
DHL shipping cost is based on actual weight or Volume weight, it depends on which is higher, that is why we try to reduce the packing size;    <<< calculation of volume weight: length(cm) x width(cm) x height(cm) / 5000= ?(kg) >>>;     a>. 0-20kg: basic cost 25USD plus 6USD each added 0.5kg; looked as sample shipping;  b>. 21-50kg: 7.5USD/kg; 51-100kg: 6.5USD/kg; 101-200kg: 6.2USD/kg; 201-300kg: 5.8USD/kg; 301-500kg: 5.7USD/kg;

--- by sea;
By Sea (only shipping fee on start sea port excluding fee on destination sea port, it is about half fee; )
a>. 0-1cube: basic cost 280USD plus a little handling charge;
b>. 2-3cube: 160-210USD/cbm; 3-5cube: 120-160USD/cbm; 5-10cube: 90-120USD/cube;

--- DHL and Sea shipping cost comparison:
DHL cost is about 1100USD/cube; Sea shipping cost is around 1/4 of DHL cost;

Sea shipping schedule ( from goods ready):
--- Custom application, shipping boat arrangement ; --- 1week;
--- Sea Shipping; --- 3weeks;
--- Custom clearance at destination sea port; --- 1week;
--- To door; --- 1week;

Goods finished and ready to ship 1.
Custom application

Sea shipping

Custom clearance at destination sea port
To door

---   1week   3weeks   1weeks   1week
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