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     Why should I offshore manufacturing to China?
First, top fishing lure manufacturers are doing so, small to medium manufacturers without access to cheap labor in China may find themselves at an increasing cost structure disadvantage compared to their larger counterpart.

Second, fishing lure manufacturing is a labor intensive industry, and is best suited for offshore manufacturing, and taking advantage the cheap labor in China, which is at about $1.2/hour.

How much I can save?
According to the survey of Archstone Consulting and Duke University’s Center International Business, Education and Research in 2004

Better than Expected Cost Savings – 78% of offshore implementations met or exceeded expected savings within the first year, with 30% achieving their service level goals within the first five months.

Better Savings for medium to small companies- When comparing Forbes 2000 with small and medium sized companies, Forbes 2000companies achieved 37% savings while small and medium sized companies achieved 55%.

What are each side’s responsibility in this partnership?
In summary, designed, manufactured in China by us; tested by you in USA, You make sure the samples are up to your requirement, and we guarantee the volume order meet the sample quality.

How to control quality?
We have experienced Project Management Team, both in the US and China to keep things on track. Our Project Managers are the liaison between our offices in China and our customers in the US. Our USA staffs are ready to meet you face to face if so is required to understand the  specifications and requirements.

Our Factory is ISO9001 certified. Also for labor intensive work, thanks to the cheap labor, the workers can afford more time to the details and refine the product, small products have better quality in China.

If the product we get made doesn’t meet the standards of the approved pre-production samples – it is our problem.

How do I pursue legal process to protect myself if I ever need to?
By contracting through a U.S. company, you will eliminate the legal liability of working with a Chinese company. This means our customers do not have to deal with Chinese laws if problems develop.

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