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Realistic lure MFG
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Corporate profile

At Realistic lure MFG, we specialize in manufacturing for the commercial fishing lure industry.  We are committed to giving our customers 100% quality in a timely and cost effective manner.

Realistic lure MFG is a Texas-based business with manufacturing facilities in China.  We have over 10 years of manufacturing experience and are well acquainted with the American fishing lure market and your needs.

Our Chinese factory is located in Shenzhen, the manufacturing center in Southern China, and is adjacent to Hong Kong. is a ISO9001(2000) certified plant.

Embrace the concept: Designed , Tested, Manufactured in China, quote us today

Your Fishing Lure solution:
I wonder if you have experienced these difficulties,
·        Not able to communicate with the factory about the concept of a new design
·        Takes long time, cost a lot to realize a new design from concept to packaged product
·        The factory is not consistent in delivery on time
·        The factory is not consistent in quality control
We are able to resolve all the problems for you. We do the whole 9 yards: design on paper, prototype, build bold, make samples, custom painting, package and mass production.  We cover hardbait, softbait, ledbait, spinner, spoon, Jig,
IP protection: Being a USA registered company, we honor and protect your Intellectual Property. Your special design and patent are secure with us. No matter our customer asks us to put a NDA or not, YJ has strict internal procedures to protect the intellectual property of our customers.





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